You Were Great Last Night

Live music does it every time.


That’s what you want your event to be.  We give that to you by delivering incredible live music, transforming your event into a unique experience that you’ll look back on with a sly smile and well-deserved pride.  After all, you are the one who booked the great band.

What Makes Us Different?

We are not your typical cover band.  We are young, professional, working musicians who love bringing the current hits of the radio to the live stage for your entertainment.  Our song list seems never ending and holds a variety of music from Hip Hop, R&B, Country, Rock, Latin, and of course, Jazz.  We customize our sets to your preference.  You want that song that was just released yesterday?  We make it happen and we deliver it with gut thumping kick drum, wailing horns, and powerful vocals.  Oh, and we promise never to sing “YMCA”.  We make sure that once the party’s going, it don’t stop!  We medley our hits (meaning no downtime between songs) so you get long sets of music that provoke insane dance fits, leaving you begging for a bar break.  But don’t worry, we give you those too. Even musicians get thirsty.

Why do we do this? (Meaning perform, not take bar breaks.)  Very simply stated – we enjoy it.  We’re entertainers.  We love learning new songs.  We enjoy challenges.  We prefer to evolve.  We thrive on live energy.  We enjoy great parties.  And finally, we can’t think of anything better than using our craft to transform your event into an unforgettable experience.

So let us infuse your next event with the energy and soul of live music.  We even promise we’ll reveal how we came to the wonderful, if slightly sassy, name You Were Great Last Night.  


You Were Great Last Night (Jenn, Megan, Kenny, Taylor, RayZ, and Brett)